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Spotlight: Joe, Lill & Banksie

As a brand we aim to produce an experience that goes beyond the clubbing norm. We want our guests to be entertained from the moment they walk through the doors to the minute they leave. Our gang of glittered up performers are an integral part of this. 

We thought it’s about time we introduced some of our resident performers…




Starting off with the outrageous, vivacious Lill Queen. 

‘I started my drag journey about 7 years ago, looking absolutely hideous, but it was Halloween so I think I got away with it. Lots of queens start at either Halloween or Pride, I’m not sure if that says something about you… 

All my friends started going to a drag night called Cha Cha Boudoir once a month and I wanted a slice of the fun. I started dressing in drag specifically for that one party. It was such a fun and carefree atmosphere where we were free to experiment and practice performing in front of an audience. It wasn’t long until everyone realised I am the most fabulous drag queen on the planet! Pretty soon after that I started to get booked to host events and paid to dance like I do at La Discothèque. 



Dancing at La Discothèque is always such a freeing experience. Any problems, worries or cares all go out the window the moment I get on the stage. It’s all about enjoying yourself, being present in the moment and having the time of your life! La Discothèque forever!’




Performing at our very first show back in 2016 in a variation of the glittery unitard we know and love. It just wouldn’t be a La Discothèque without Joe Spencer. 

‘When I was a kid I’d dance on the dining room table to my parents’ old records. I remember a real moment came for me when I was around 6 or 7. My parents took me to one of those camp American diners where the waiters would dance on the tables. I remember being totally in awe. Fast forward quite a few years and I’m now a professional go-go dancer, go figure!



Go-go dancing is for the mind, body and soul. For me it’s the greatest form of self care and self love. It’s infectious too. You see someone up there just living and it makes you feel good. It’s symbiotic! I think a go-go dancer’s main job is to give people permission to let go and get into it. To sell the fantasy. 

I live in a fat body, one which is othered and alienated in society. What I love the most about La Discothèque is that for us, the outcasts, nothing beats being up on a podium and just living! I get to work with the most glamorous, unique and kind creatures ever and all to a sensational disco beat!’ 





With legs to the ceiling and a personality to match. It’s always a true pleasure to have Banksie on our stage. 

‘I only really realised drag was an option around the age of 15 when I started watching queer films. To me it was such an incredible form of personal expression that I really never had as a child. Up to the age of 5 I was super feminine and flamboyant. Then from the age of 15/16 society shamed me into hiding that side of myself. I would resort to applying my mum’s red lipstick & black eyeliner in the toilets. 

Slowly as I became more aware and my drag persona developed I realised actually I’m non binary and this idea of femine isn’t just for drag, it opens up a side of yourself that isn’t influenced by shame or societal pressure. This transformed into performance art when I moved to Manchester.’



The thing about Manchester’s nightlife is you can do anything on one stage and people applaud you for just trying. Even if you fall over and nearly break your ankle. Like I have many times. That’s why I love La Discothèque, to me it’s freedom. The Disco era was all about being unapologetically yourself. I think that’s what La Discothèque has shown me. I get on stage, dance to a disco track and completely dissociate from what I’ve been going through in day to day life being a go to feel the music. That animalistic state of dance and innate joy of life is so freeing. You bounce off the punters because they’re having a great time. You bounce off the punters because they’re having a great time, you’re having a great time and every worry in life just flitter away. That’s what I missed the most in lockdown. That raw feeling of joy on stage at Printworks in London or Albert Hall Manchester and of course the incredible people I work with.’